Frequently Asked Questions

We are a happy, established practice with loyal and dedicated staff. Your comments and suggestions are welcome and will be considered in our ongoing quest to continue toimprove our services as we have done over the last fifteen years.
Q. How can I register with the practice?

A. Since April 1st 2006 under the new NHS contract the NHS patient lists ceased toexist. This means that the only patients registered with the practice are those onDenplan. We will endeavour to offer a similar level of care to those patients previously seen privately. However, under the new NHS contract we are no longer obliged to offer emergency appointments or out-of-hours cover.
Q. How much will it cost?

A. After a check up your dentist will explain any problems you have and give youtreatment options. Reception will prepare a written estimate of cost. All NHS fees are set by the Department of Health and fall into one of three bands: £17.50, £48.00 and £2009. All independent fees are set in accordance with GDC guidelines and hourly rates are a reflection of practice fixed and variable costs.
Q. How soon can I be treated?

A. Our waiting times for NHS check ups are approximately 4 weeks, and -6 weeks for treatment sessions. Same or next day appointments are available for non NHSappointments. If you are registered with the practice on Denplan and are in pain, we will offer you an emergency appointment within 24 hours.
Q: Will it hurt?

A. Dentistry has come along way in the last fifty years. Modern dentistry should bepain free and carried out in a relaxed and friendly environment. We use all the latestlocal anaesthetic techniques and solutions to ensure your visit is as comfortable as possible. We spend time with all our patients, particularly children, using the ‘show, tell, do’ technique to desensitise patients who are anxious about needles.
Q. Am I entitled to free treatment?

Exemption Patients do not have to pay any NHS dental charges for a course of treatment if, on the first day of treatment, they are:

Under 18 years of age
Aged 18 and in full time education
An expectant mother
A woman who has either had a baby, or a still birth in the previous 12 months

Remission Patients do not have to pay any NHS dental charges for a course of treatment if on either the first day of treatment or on the day the charge is made, they or their partner, are currently receiving:

Income support
Jobseekers allowance
Working Family tax credit
Pension Credit guarantee credit

Or are:

Named on a valid NHS low income scheme certificate HC2 for full help
The dental charge may be reduced for patients named on a vaddd HC3 certificate

Q. What’s the difference between NHS and Private?

NHS dentistry must provide treatment of a reasonable standard to secure and maintain oral health. Fees are set by the Department of Health and will be the same with every NHS dentist. The NHS does not provide any cosmetic treatments including white fillings, bleaching and certain types of crowns. Check ups and gum treatments are bound by certain criteria. Under the New Contract your dentist is required to re-assess how often youshould attend. NHS dentistry is currently available from two of our four dentists, between 9.00 and 5.00pm Mon- Fri. Unfortunately there is currently no NHS access to our hygeinist service.

Private dentistry at Kingswalk Dental Practice provides all treatment options which are currently available. You can expect the best standard of care possible. Your dentist will have carried out post graduate education and will be qualified over and above the minimum standard which is required by the General Dental Council. This additional experience reflects our superior level of commitment to high clinical standards. Early morning and evening appointments are available for your convenience. Items requiring laboratory work will be carried out by the most experienced technicians using the best quality materials. Your treatment will be prioritised and completed as soon as possible, reducing the time you have to wear temporary crowns or fillings. All work is guaranteed within reason for 2 years on a like for like basis.
Q. I can feel my wisdom teeth inside my gum but they don’t seem to be able to break through. Why is that?

A. Your jaws may only have room to accommodate 28 teeth. So when the last of your 32 teeth – the wisdom teeth – try to erupt, there’s no room.
Q. Does everyone need to have their wisdom teeth removed?

A. No. We follow the guidelines which recommends wisdom teeth are only removed if they have caused recurrent episodes of pain, are associated with pathology or are putting the tooth in front of the wisdom tooth at risk from decay.